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Installation Instructions for AccQ-Trak Vending Software

1. Unzip the downloaded package.
2. Navigate to the folder that you unzipped the package to in #1.
3. Double click the file setup.exe.
4. If you see this message, click 'Yes'.

Message for AccQ-Trak Vending Software

5. Follow the instructions in the installer. When you get to the final screen, click 'Install'

6. After the program finishes installation, Microsoft Runtime 2010 will install. You will see a license screen. Read the agreement, click the box to accept the terms, and click 'Continue'
Message for AccQ-Trak Vending Software

8. After Access runtime finishes installing, you may see another screen to allow you to choose the type of updates that you would like to have the system use. Choose either the first or the second option and click 'OK'

Message for AccQ-Trak Vending Software

9. When Access Runtime is finished installing, you will receive a final message telling you that the installation is complete. You are now ready to run the Accq-Trak Vending Software.

10. The first time that you open the software, you will receive a Trust Center warning. Click 'Open'. The program will add it's installed location to the Trusted Locations list and you won't receive this message again.
Message for AccQ-Trak Vending Software
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