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The AccQ-Trak Vending Software system is an in-house program that is designed to streamline the collection process and give meaningful reporting about locations, equipment, products, taxes, and commissions. While the emphasis is on bulk vending, cold drink and candy/snack are supported also. Crane operators will benefit too, by utilizing the program's bulk capabilities and our new Crane enhancements. Many programs try to be all things to all people. We have removed the 'fluff' to give you the essential functions that you need.

The vending software system was designed for and is being used by Michigan Mini Vend, in Taylor, Michigan, which operates 500 heads of bulk vending equipment. They also have some cold drink and snack installations. MMV had checked out all the current software options and decided that: 1) No other programs had the functions that they needed without adding a bunch of unnecessary things, and 2) They didn't want their data stored out in the cloud. That's when they decided to design what eventually became the AccQ-Trak vending program. Version 1 went into full time use in October of 2010.

AccQ-Trak vending software is powered by Microsoft Access © and will run on any machine that will run Access using the full version of Access 2010 © or the free runtime version.

AccQ-Trak was featured in an article in The Vending Times

See it, try it!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A video must then be worth a thousand times that and actually getting your hands on something to try it would then be priceless. We would like to invite you to watch a video demonstration of some of the program features and if you like what you see, then download the free demo and take a test drive. The demo is fully functional and you can add up to 5 locations to test it with your actual data.

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